Event DateApptEvent Name
1/24/2017   Floral Design
1/31/2017   Basic Machine Tool Technology
3/22/2017   Water Aerobics
3/28/2017   Kansas Small Business Sales Tax Workshop
3/28/2017   Kansas Contractor Sales Tax Workshop
3/28/2017   Cooking With Your Kids
3/29/2017   Stress Management on the Job
3/30/2017   Introduction to Google Drive
3/30/2017   Reviving Relationships
3/30/2017   Introductory Craft Skills: Tools
3/30/2017   Community Meetings
3/31/2017   "That" Liberal Band Fish Fry
4/1/2017   Auto Education and Awareness
4/3/2017   Culinary Herb Gardening
4/4/2017   Gas Capital Rectifier School
4/6/2017   Introductory Craft Skills: Construction Math and Drawings
4/6/2017   Google Docs and Sheets
4/6/2017   Chamber Ambassador Meeting
4/6/2017   Chamber Ambassador Meeting
4/8/2017   Mommy or Daddy and Me -- Clay
4/9/2017   SCCC Brunch with the President
4/11/2017   Excel Level 3
4/11/2017   Spring and Summer Salads
4/11/2017   Lions Pancake Feed
4/13/2017   Introductory Craft Skills: Basic Employability and Communication Skills
4/19/2017   LinkedIn
4/20/2017   Started Blogging, Now What?
4/22/2017   Concealed Carry
4/24/2017   Getting Your Flower Bed Ready for Spring
4/24/2017   Breeze Master Tournament
4/25/2017   Southwest Energy Institute
4/25/2017   Southwest Energy Institute
5/4/2017   Chamber Ambassador Meeting
5/12/2017   Yellow Brick Road Car Show


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Liberal Area Chamber of Commerce